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This kid was born in P.O.S. Trinidad. W.I. in 1934 and after college, migrated to Montreal Canada in 1956. Joined a Franciscan Order of friars in '57. Studied in Europe and became a teacher of meditation. Spent 1 year in India in Fr.Bede Griffith's Ashram and on his return to Canada was delegated in the service of Inter-Faith ministry, taking part in International Conferences, founding Inter_faith organizatons in Montreal. Obtained leave of Franciscan Order in 2000. Studied in N.York Inter-Faith Seminary and received ordination as Inter_faith minister in 2004. Lectured in Europe and North America on Yoga spirituality and its common grounds with Christianity. Now settled in Montreal, Canada Rolph continues in his spiritual practices of prayer and meditation and willingly offers assistance in these fields. Rolph enjoys a life of service and sharing the joy of being here, by respecting the differences and always trying to walk softly, discreetly, to breathe freely and to keep an open heart for love. Serves in both French and English

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